Historical camera

24 “Japanese Historical Cameras” of 1998 Named

The Historical Camera Committee (Chairperson : Ms. MORIYAMA, Mayumi), a review group established within the JCII Foundation, has chosen the 24 cameras listed below as its “Japanese Historical Cameras” of 1998. 


Film Cameras (13 Models)

Minolta VECTIS 300
Combination of fine construction and stainless steel body result in pleasant appearance.
Canon IXY 330 (ELPH 370Z)
Employs light guide flash, born of same technology on which light fiber is based, enabling even distribution of light.
Minolta Alpha-Sweet
Achieved popularity among consumers thanks to its fresh design.
FujiFilm GA645Zi Professional
Features 55~90mm f/4.5~6.9 1.6x zoom lens, automatic pressure plate switching based on barcode system, lens cap sensor.
Ricoh GR-1s
Compact camera featuring filter and hood compatibility.
Pentax ESPIO 200
First compact camera offering telephoto lens with zoom-in capability up to 200mm.
FujiFilm EPION 1000MRC (Endeavor 1000IX)
Affordable compact Advanced Photo SystemTM camera with titanium(Ti) body.
FujiFilm TX-1
Panorama optical rangefinder camera with interchangeable lens ; switchable between standard 35mm (24x36mm) and full-panorama 35mm (24x65mm) picture.
Small, uniquely designed Advanced Photo SystemTM SLR camera
Olympus i Zoom 75
Offers newly developed mechanisms like the unique linear clutch, shaft drive, 4-step mirror frames, and more which enable significant downsizing.
Canon EOS-3
45-spot AF is built in.
Minolta Alpha-9
Features built-in electro-flash on the pentagonal area of the 100% view ratio viewfinder.
Nikon F100
An extension of the Nikon F5 ; provides nice balance of features ; achieved great popularity among consumers.


Digital Cameras (11 Models)

FujiFilm FinePix 700 (MX-700)
Small, lightweight, affordably priced mega-pixel CCD digital camera.
FujiFilm Big Job DS-250HD
Waterproof, dustproof digital camera (JIS Protection Class 7).
Canon EOS D2000
First high-end digital SLR camera to offer an LCD monitor.
Nikon COOLPIX 900 (E900)
Stresses optical performance ; achieved market popularity
Konica DG-1
Small, lightweight digital camera that is waterproof and dustproof (JIS Protection Class 7).
Olympus CAMEDIA C-1400XL
Popular mega-pixel CCD model with 5-frame consecutive shooting capability.
Sony CyberShot Pro DSC-D700
Digital SLR priced at 235,000 japanese yen (excluding tax) ; features 1.5 million pixels CCD, built-in 5x zoom lens; shutter speed, aperture, focus can be set automatically or manually.
Minolta Dimage EX Zoom 1500
Highlighted by lens interchangeability, with 3x zoom lens unit.
Sony Mavica MVC-FD91
14 x optical zoom lens with “Optical Steady Shot” feature.
Kyocera SAMURAI 1300DG
Successor to the vertical form of the “Samurai Series” film cameras, features a unique design.
Canon PowerShot Pro70
Accommodates 2 CompactFlashTM cards; employs 1.68 million pixel 1/2-inch CCD sensor.